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About Us

Yet another trinket and bauble store? A thousand times no!

Okay those pay the bills, sure, they put food on the table, sure, but does that mean we don't also like to build things, and raise standards of living both sides of the sea? What you can get to your doorstep one place, why not another? We make it happen.

Development is hard. We get it.

Now you can get it done fast, before things start "disappearing." End-to-end tracking always comes standard, with more elaborate safeguards on request. If it goes astray, we find it. If you can't get it back, we've got you covered. SLICK'S NEVER OUT OF OPTIONS! You will get the tools and supplies you need to bring the modern world to wherever you are. It's what we do.

There's always a middleman. Make it one you trust.

You are not a captive market! Who decides what should be available in your community? Now it's you. Where you are at, we bring it to you. Where fingers are sticky, we route around the damage. It's a new era, kids: now you're citizens in the Land of Plenty. Welcome!

Your money's good here.

It's hard to put enough USD into your PayPal to get things shipped out, no joke! If you've quit trading your time in local coin and get paid as an equal in digital, we've got you covered. Putting your crypto directly into community investment is what built Slick Imports, and why we work hard to find you tools for building the future. Your BTC/BCH/ETH/LTC is always welcome here, at fair and transparent rates.

With you every step of the way.

With USPS/ePacket/Fedex (US) and DHL (International) guaranteed shipping and end-to-end tracking, your order is never handed off to invisible third-party carriers, and always backed by Slick's 6-Point Customer Promise, ensuring arrival and satisfaction with your order or your money back. RELAX AND RELY ON IT, no matter where in the world you are.

Any questions?

We have the FAQ, but those are boring, no? Why not drop us a line? Make those tiny little hands work for their money! Ask them to write you a hook, slice you up a template, animate you a story post, we're raising monsters over there, go crazy!